About zingGo

zingGo is an SBL/CMG Media Ventures, North American business partnership established for the purpose of providing the zingGO interactive Media Platform. This platform encompasses both software and hardware including zingGoPad, zingGoKiosk, and zingGo software.

The zingGo platform offers several customizable themes that suit the multifaceted needs of customers across a variety of industries including; Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Restaurant, Retail, Health Care, Education and more. This platform can be integrated with your existing hardware, including iPad or Android tablets, or used with our zingGoPad tablets and zingGoKiosks.

This user-friendly solution replaces traditional means of delivering information such as posters, flyers, booklets, paper brochures, directories or other printed materials. With a single touch, the zingGo platform opens a whole world of information by acting simultaneously as a tour guide, bulletin board, receptionist, phone book, assistant or concierge.