The zingGo features

zingGo gives absolute manipulative rights of the administrator. The administrative panel enhances the restaurateur-customer relation which in turn adds up to the business inflow as hospitality segments mostly thrive on the warmth of relationship with the customers.

Adding Promotional Advertisements

Restaurateurs can add any promotional ads of products or other facilities related to their business to zingGo. Advertisements are a steady revenue generating channel for the restaurateurs which give them an opportunity to get back a portion of the cost they have spent on e-Dinette.

inventory management

Schedule Menu Content

This option displays items which are scheduled for a particular dining session like Breakfast items will be scheduled in that particular time, lunch menu items will be displayed during lunch time and so on.

production management

Updation of Items, Description and Prices

There are options for updating new items into the menu with apt descriptions and the price of each item.


Adding of New Specials

Whenever a new dish hits the chart and becomes the most popular item, it can be highlighted as the special menu of the day like “Deals of the Day”, Combo Packs etc. the restaurateur can customize the touch screen according to his strategies.

kitchen management

Customer Feedback

Acquiring feedbacks form from the customers after payment and auto-updation of the questionnaire. When a customer gets ready to retire home after quenching his appetite, instant feedback/suggestion forms are given which will be automatically updated to the system.


Improved Customer Service

The special and unique features complement the chain of efficient customer service. zingGo automatically stores customer details, frequent customers are issued a privilege card and the privileged customers are given special discounts and offers.

kitchen management

Reduced Paperwork Environment, Increased Efficiency, Productivity and Profits

With zingGo’s digital menu management, the hospitality scenario becomes much pleasing without the rustle of papers all around and this increases efficiency and cuts costs as manpower can be reduced to a great extent.