zingGo La Travelogue

zingGo la Travelogue, paves way as an interactive and informative tablet for the guests of their respective location and managing the guest throughout the tour.


  • La Travelogue is built from the ground up around the concept of empowering the tourists and comes with selected applications that help craft the tourists’ experience due course of the tour.
  • La Travelogue can enable the guests to watch Movies, MP3 Music and play interactive games.- La Travelogue can provide applications which let the guests know the complete information on the tour – the schedules, daily charts, destinations with pictures and other information.
  • La Travelogue can put together many visual aids which will benefit the guests to enhance their experience like a panoramic 360 degree view of the location.- La Travelogue can be equipped in providing the guests to discover the suggested points of interest.
  • La Travelogue can feature informative and interactive maps with navigation tools for the guests to know more on the place they are touring inclusive of art galleries, historic museums, restaurants, banks and shopping malls.
  • La Travelogue can act as a travel guide for tourists by helping them map out their itinerary with location details to make best use of their stay and travel a magnificent experience.
  • La Travelogue can feature a digital library which will have articles on a multitude of topics based on the specific location the tourist is visiting.
  • La Travelogue can assist the guests to spot out the much sought after hot tourist spots near and around their destination along with the timings of public transport system and weather reports.